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Venturi Plunger

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Product Description

  • all conventional wells (wells that require shut in)
  • as a quick fall plunger, through the use of orifices (on wells that require little shut in time)
  • wear ring indicators, thus eliminating calliper measurements to determine wear
  • “auto-catch” indent grooves to assist in successful auto-catch operations
  • as a clean out tool on wells that produce sand, wax, etc.


Combinations of
  • 4140
  • 13Cr
  • 17.4 double heat treat stainless
  • steel
  • grade 4 titanium
  • grade 5 titanium
Standard Sizes
  • 35mm
  • 60mm
  • 73mm
  • 89mm
  • custom sizing available
  • standard length is 252mm

Related Products

Rapid Drop Plunger Quick View

The Rapid Drop Plunger

pdfdwn-a-64 Designed to fall at high speeds, similar to a PaceMaker, but does not require as much flow time at surface to separate a secondary piece.  This tool is designed as an intermediate step between PaceMaker candidate wells and Conventional Plunger candidiate wells. The Rapid Drop Plunger requires no additional equipment on surface to adapt the well for this application and can run in wells with existing subsurface equipment. These plungers are built with heat treated steel.  It is recommended that the Bottom Hole Spring have a spring rate of at least 300lbs per inch to handle dry landings.
Several Cleanout Plungers Quick View

GasMaker CleanOut Plunger

pdfdwn-a-64Excellent for paraffin, sand, scale and solids removal.  
Dual Stage BHSA with both top and bottom spring Quick View

GasMaker Dual Stage Plunger

The PIT Multi-Stage Plunger system increases gas and liquids production by staging the well.  This is done by moving part of your energy source under each stage.  By staging the well, the fluid load is lifted to a shallower depth.