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Pipeline Leak Detection

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Product Description

  • Detects leaks quickly and accurately
  • Drastically reduces cleanup costs through early detection
  • Saves money and reduces environmental impact
  • Fully automated with data recording
  • CSA approved for Class 1, Division 1 locations
  • Proven in-field success since August 2008
Self Contained and Environmentally Conscious

Solar panels provide an environmentally friendly, independent, and reliable power supply. All data is transmitted wirelessly, further expanding the stand alone nature of the system.

User Friendly

Complete turn-key system provides a user friendly interface, fully compatible with automatic call-out systems. The IMELDA system can also be accessed remotely by any computer as long as the user has the required encryption password.

Temperature variation has always been a factor in maintaining the collection of accurate data from any electronic sensor. One key element of the IMELDA system is the temperature compensation. PIT has developed a clamping fixture that assures the temperature at each pressure transducer remains consistent. Based on factory tested criteria, with the media being measured, the clamping fixture for the pipe will radiate the heat of the process medium up to the pressure transducers.

A common problem with any pressure measuring device, be it a simple pressure gauge or an electronic transducer, is plugging up from the contaminants or freezing off in subzero temperatures. The IMELDA pressure measuring unit incorporates a unique and proprietary Isolation Gland, which isolates the pressure transducer from the process media. The problem with any highly sensitive transducer is that they can be destroyed by any contaminate that gets inside of them. In an effort to protect these sensors/transducers, filters (snubbers) are often installed between the process liquid and the transducer. These filters are a very fine mesh that will become rapidly plugged because of rust, dirt, and any other contaminates inherent in any pipeline. As these filters get plugged up by contaminates, the pressure transducer in any system will be rendered useless and the computer will read no changes in the pipeline pressure.

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