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Optimization Training

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Product Description

PIT has developed a mobile training unit for these sessions and special events which enables us to show these products and services. With our live well model we can demonstrate how flowing gas wells function and how they are affected by different changes in their lifespan or completion design, as well as the differences between PaceMaker and conventional plunger operation. We also have step by step animation videos of our different plunger lines in action. PIT offers a combination of classroom powerpoint shows and live demonstrations in our trailer and can prepare lunch for your group on site.

For some of our customers we offer several training sessions throughout the year. For example, we have specific sessions on Plunger Control, Plunger Operation, Downhole Equipment, Inspection and Maintenance and Competency Training.

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Related Products

Packer Pressure 2 Quick View

Packer Isolation Testing

AER Annual required test for all types of Injection Wells.  The down hole packer is pressure tested using PIT's portable pressure trailers and recorded.
Plunger Inspections Quick View

Plunger Lift Inspection

PIT feels that the value of regular inspections and effective operations in your well optimization is more important now than it may have ever been. PIT offers both standard and full inspections on wells.
AWS 500 percent increase oilrate inflow monitoring Quick View

Well Evaluations

A service offered by PIT to help ensure that the best decisions are made when optimizing a well; closely analyzes the different options of plunger lift systems, different sizes of flow tube, etc. for your application.  Evaluations allow us to examine the well and ensure all proper optimization solutions are considered and analyzed.  Reports can also identify where to land down hole equipment.
Frac Monitoring Quick View

Frac Monitoring

Allows Frac Van staff and engineers across the globe or in office towers to see what is happening to nearby wells as they pump. A growing service for PIT as regulation and concern around Fracking grows.  Offset well monitoring service during frac simulations.  Equipment used is the Calscan gauges with "Real Time" communication (similar to PSAT technology) allowing Frac Van staff and engineers across the globe or in offices to see what is happening to nearby wells as they pump. PIT uses a precision low power data recorder with integrated sensors used to measure and log pressure and temperature.