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JAWS II Acoustic Fluid Level Instrument

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Product Description

  • internal 12-volt rechargeable battery with internal battery circuit charger allows for overnight recharge
  • extensive power-saving features including programmeable automatic sleep mode for screen
  • large LCD supertwist display; screen is backlight for easy viewing with time-outs to maximize life
  • standard data memory stores from 1200 to 2000 shots
  • full data capture for each shot up to approximately 450 joints of depth
  • portable eclosure is weather-resistant and durable
  • meets class individual spec when reccommended operating procedures are followed
  • gas gun design allows for auto fire or manual fire guns using an electric solenoid
  • audible alarm sounds prior to manual or scheduled shots
  • recorder is menu driven for ease of training and use
  • viewing of aucoustic data made easy with zoom and scroll functions
  • automatic determination of fluid kick and depth; override option available for fluid kick
  • alternate method of determining the depth to fluid using a caliper method on screen similar to a manual reading acoutic velocity
  • all data can be downloaded within seconds to a USB memory stick
  • analysis of all data can be done with Windows software package; allows for graphically viewing the data and exporting results in an ACSII file format
  • CSA-qualified to operate in a Class 1 Div. 2 location when operating on the internal battery; charging the battery is permitted in a standard electrical area only
  • all end devices, microphone, solenoid valves are CSA-approved and intrinsically safe when in a Class 1 Div. 2 location
Ease of Use
    • Obtaining single shot fluid level data is simply a matter of pressing one key on the digital recorder keypad. Fluid level depth determination can be done two ways:

    • Acoustic Velocity Calculations utilizing an average joint length and tubing depth entered by user.
    • User is able to select the collar spacing of the chart (built in 11 point dividers);especially useful when collars may be masked or the collar reposnse is poor (ie. surface noise or wax).

The preprogrammed function keys make manipulation of data simple. The provided download software has built-in step-by-step instructions to ensure that all collected data is easily downloaded to the user’s computer.

Each fluid level can be viewed or printed as an individual shot trace, fluid level report, or exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Software can be used on most Window versions.


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