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GasMaker Ultra Seal Plungers

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Product Description

  • runs where other designs struggle or are erratic
  • competeitive pricing
Tubing Sizes
  • 1 1/2"
  • 2 1/6"
  • 2 3/8"
  • 2 7/8"
  • 3 1/2"

Related Products

Gas Maker Brush Plunger Quick View

GasMaker Brush Plunger

The PIT Brush Plunger has a flexible brush spirally wound onto a solid mandrel constructed with under cuts, ensuring de-scaling of the tubing.  Brush plungers are used for sand, coal fines and tubing irregularities. PIT Brush Plungers are built with durable alloy steel; brush element is a stiff, heat resistant, durable nylon material.
Gasmaker Cleanout Plunger Quick View

GasMaker CleanOut Plunger

pdfdwn-a-64Excellent for paraffin, sand, scale and solids removal.  
Rapid Drop Plunger Quick View

The Rapid Drop Plunger

pdfdwn-a-64 Designed to fall at high speeds, similar to a PaceMaker, but does not require as much flow time at surface to separate a secondary piece.  This tool is designed as an intermediate step between PaceMaker candidate wells and Conventional Plunger candidiate wells. The Rapid Drop Plunger requires no additional equipment on surface to adapt the well for this application and can run in wells with existing subsurface equipment. These plungers are built with heat treated steel.  It is recommended that the Bottom Hole Spring have a spring rate of at least 300lbs per inch to handle dry landings.
pacemaker lift system Quick View

PaceMaker Plunger Lift System

pdfdwn-a-64Industry leading solution for liquid loaded horizontal well applications. The PIT PaceMaker Plunger Lift System utilizes a proven, patented, two-piece plunger design. The large bypass area of the plunger, coupled with high strength materials and other proprietary system components, allows production companies to increase production and recoverable reserves. Plunger and ball combos are available in titanium, steel and other specialty materials.  Fluid and gas rates determine plunger length and weight requirements.