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GasMaker CleanOut Plunger

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Product Description

  • proven solid design for strength and durability using L-80 NACE spec material
  • lower cost and higher longeity in the long term over brush plunger
  • opposing cutting surfaces and specially designed groove spacing improves turbulence and cleaning on both fall and return arrivals
  • flighting on bottom section promotes a spinning action to aid in even wear in deviated wells

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GasMaker Ultraseal Plunger Quick View

GasMaker Ultra Seal Plungers

pdfdwn-a-64 The Ultraseal Plunger has a HNBR rubber Ultra Seal attached to the body of the plunger between interlocking tabs under the pads. The interlocking pads serve as a protector to the Ultra Seal which decreases gas slippage under the pads. This results in less fluid "fallback" during the plunger cycle to the surface, which allows the plunger to make a run on less gas pressure. Offered in single or dual pad design.
Quick View

GasMaker Dual Pad Plunger

PIT offers an economical, high performance, pad-style plunger.  These plungers implement three spring-loaded pads per section and wear less due to a single piece mandrel. Very efficient sealing plunger.
Lubricator All Flanged (F x F x F) Quick View

Plunger Lift Lubricators

All PIT Lubricators are heavy duty, with a high grade design built to receive the impacts and frequency of plunger arrivals.  Ideal for sour service or low temperature application. PIT Lubricators come complete with a Bowen cap, lubricator spring(s), separator rod, anvil etc. and are rated to 3 000, 5 000 and 10 000 psi. Dual port configuration is standard, but single port is available upon request.