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Foam Depression Test

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Product Description

This test utilizes PIT’s proprietary equipment (FL1/FL2) to measure fluid levels and pressures simultaneously to determine the Fluid Gradient of the liquid found above the pump or perforations.

This test answers the questions:

  • Is that foam or fluid over the pump?
  • How much more production is possible?

Results provide an accurate producing bottom hole pressure (PBHP).  The PBHP and the current well production rate and the reservoir’s current pressure all together can be used to quickly determine uplift potential in a well.

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Optimize your pumping oil or gas well. Keep the rig away! Dynamometers determine load and utilization of the current pumping system (surface, rod string and downhole pump) setup.  Overloads identified and pump cards show inflow conditions downhole (gassy fluid, gas locking pump, little inflow, plugged pump, parted rods etc.).
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Frac Monitoring

Allows Frac Van staff and engineers across the globe or in office towers to see what is happening to nearby wells as they pump. A growing service for PIT as regulation and concern around Fracking grows.  Offset well monitoring service during frac simulations.  Equipment used is the Calscan gauges with "Real Time" communication (similar to PSAT technology) allowing Frac Van staff and engineers across the globe or in offices to see what is happening to nearby wells as they pump. PIT uses a precision low power data recorder with integrated sensors used to measure and log pressure and temperature.
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Well Reservoir Inflow Monitoring

Well reservoir inflow monitoring acoustically determines fluid levels in a pumping well to determine producing bottom hole pressure OR inflow patterns and pump performance.  These are all multi-sample tests done with our proprietary/manufactured FL1 and FL2 with automated gun and pressure transducer equipment.
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Fluid Levels

PIT's purpose built, CSA approved JAWS or FL1/FL2 recorders are used to measure accurate fluid levels in oil or gas wells. A great starting point to scan your field and focus where the potential is located.