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FL2 Automated Fluid Level and Pressure Machine

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Product Description

The FL2 Automated Fluid Level and Pressure machine is designed to gather multiple shots with pressures to allow for reservoir pressure calculation, inflow performance, and Injection well response to the subject wells. Also a great way to do Foam Depression tests, and determine the producing pressure at the perforations or tubing end so that a maximum producing rate for the well can be established accurately. Pump and equipment sizing decisions will be de-risked using this data and tool.


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JAWS II Acoustic Fluid Level Instrument

The Jaws II Acoustic Fluid Level Instrument is a state-of-the-art acoustic fluid level machine designed as a basic single shot manual or auto fire instrument with automatic fluid depth determination. The leader in accuracy, ease of use and used around the world successfully for over 20 years.  The product is a favorite for operators, because everything can be done on the screen of the unit, no paper needed. PIT has the advantage of multiple locations for supporting this product in the field. The JAWS II is a great optimization tool to determine well uplift and pumping conditions downhole. Maximize your well’s production at a low cost with this tool. The Jaws unit is CSA approved (class 1 division 2) and lightweight. It's excellent ambient temperature specifications allow for total portability and reliability under the most adverse conditions, worldwide. The Jaws II Acoustic Fluid Level Instrument is available for purchase and comes with free training.
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Fluid Levels

PIT's purpose built, CSA approved JAWS or FL1/FL2 recorders are used to measure accurate fluid levels in oil or gas wells. A great starting point to scan your field and focus where the potential is located.
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Optimize your pumping oil or gas well. Keep the rig away! Dynamometers determine load and utilization of the current pumping system (surface, rod string and downhole pump) setup.  Overloads identified and pump cards show inflow conditions downhole (gassy fluid, gas locking pump, little inflow, plugged pump, parted rods etc.).