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Product Description

  • Operating Temperature -40 C to +70 C (-40 F to +158 F)
  • Operating Voltage 5 V – 24 V
  • Average Current
  • Interface 3 Wire (power, ground, signal)
  • Operating Mode Normally Open
  • Certifications Class I Zone 0 Ex IA IIB T4/ Class I Zone 0 AEx IA IIB T4
    Cyclops is protected by a rugged watertight aluminum enclosure filled with hardened epoxy.  Built-in mounting slots support a standard hose clamp for easy and secure installation.  Cyclops IS features a 1/2″ NPT port that enables use of either a teck connector and armored cable, or a standard cable gland and instrumentation cable.  Captive screws in the enclosure lid ensure no lost time searching for fallen screws in snow and mud.
Low Power
    Like all ETC products Cyclops IS is designed to be extremely low power.  On average, Cyclops IS draws less than 700 uA of current, fitting into all power budgets.
    Cyclops IS operates as a normally open dry contact.  Simply connectthe 3 wire interface to power, ground, and signal, and Cyclops IS is ready to detect any plunger.  Cyclops IS uses a modern magnetic sensor chip as opposed to a traditional coil; this chip allows Cyclops to detect slow moving, or even static, plungers.  Due to this magnetic sensing “eye,” the plunger does not have to fully travel past Cyclops IS to be “seen” allowing a wider range of mounting locations.  This unique design provides additional advantages including the ability to control the sensitivty and provide a clean 2 second switch closure.
    Cyclops IS can be securely fixed to the lubricator or wellhead with a standard hose clamp through built-in clamp slots on the enclosure.  Cyclops IS may be left in the default sensitivity position, or adjusted to accommodate different types of plungers and lubricators, and adapt to an individual well’s conditions.

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