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Annual Pressure Surveys

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Product Description

Gain valuable knowledge about your reservoir from surface, empower your operations staff plus
  • our high quality data easily drops into PTA (Pressure Transient Analysis) software for: stimulation candidate assessment, or assess existing or future enhanced recovery schemes, calculate remaining reserves, and more
  • satisfy AER requirements for annual pressures and for new infill wells initial pressure requirements, PAS files submitted
  • minimize the shut-in time with our technology, we have remote monitoring (PSAT) and can end test as soon as it is viable
  • no need to remove wellhead or rod-string
  • save thousands of dollars in comparison to downhole gauge Build-Up tests (no rig or wireline needed)
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Premier Integrated Technologies Quick View

Segregation Testing for 2 Zones Separated by a Packer

This test is conducted to determine if there is communication between the two zones isolated by a packer.  Based on a 24 hour test, this test includes a detailed report and associated fieldwork (fluid levels and casing/tubing pressures are recorded).
Gas Migration Testing Quick View

Gas Migration Testing

Gas Migration Tests are conducted to determine if the well has a gas migration problem. For the purpose of this test, gas migration can be defined as the movement of methane or other gases from a subsurface zone to surface through a barrier that should prevent it's movement, whether this barrier is natural (overburden, shale) or artificial (cement sheath, external casing packed, pipe joints, plug, etc.).
D13 suspended well inspection Quick View

D-13 Suspended Lease Inspections

PIT performs Low and Medium Risk D13 Inspections for client's suspended wells.  This AER required annual test helps reduce client risk, while protecting the environment.  Photos and reports included, equipment documented, well pressures, chain and lock wellhead, signage repair and minor stain clean up included.
GOR and Spot Test Gas Rate Sample Report Quick View

Gas to Oil Ratio (GOR) Test

pdfdwn-a-64Gas-to-Oil Ratio. AER required for many pools, annually.